Doctors' offices and weight loss centers may offer B12 injections in fatty tissue - on the hip or back of your arm.

B12 Boost

Need a boost this Monday morning? B12 will never replace my ritualistic addiction to the day’s first cup of freshly brewed coffee, but you may want to clear some cabinet real estate for this peppy vitamin. What does it do? Supports the normal cell function of the gastrointestinal tract, bone marrow, and nervous tissue Secret […]

My mat's-eye view at a hot yoga class with aura-esque lighting.

Don’t Be Beat … Do A Yoga Retreat

DIY Yoga Day Once a month, I like to take a yoga day. I slow down, sleep well, eat healthy, quiet my mind, create spontaneously, and give gifts to my spirit sporadically throughout the day. It’s time to take out your compass and navigate your way back to that happy, healthy, child-like self. Leave all worry and stress in another town […]

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