Paris 2003

Paris: A Reflection

I would have liked to fast forward this past week, but knowing the impossibility, I simply kept myself as busy and distracted as possible. The young woman on the outside worked extra hours, planned her wedding, drank with friends and binge-watched Boardwalk Empire. I went to bed early to avoid feeling like a confused little girl sitting on a chair in the darkness […]

One of my favorite cups from Anthropologie.

Move Over Merlot, Time for Tea

I love wine. Hard day at work? Wine. Girl’s night? Wine. Saturday dinner? Wine. Because it’s Tuesday? Wine. On week nights I stop myself at a glass, and by glass I mean a lengthy daydream pour. The jury states that one glass of wine per day is healthy. A glass is four ounces, and I cannot recall when […]

I Once Took A Trip to Austin

Like the never-ending Florida and California, driving through Texas feels like driving through a country. Lost between cities the elevation rises in rugged hills and falls to the rolling plains, and ebbs between mountains, swamps, and desert. Road tripping is kept interesting amidst the diverse terrain, and its cities are jewels along the journey. Crowned the […]

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